The youth Israeli dance programs at Temple Israel and Hebrew Academy have a long rich Jewish history.

After a gap at HACD, last year the two dance efforts established a collaborative partnership, Rikud Albany, which provides a community wide continuum of youth Israeli dance for kindergarteners through high school seniors, who perform throughout the capital region and at the Boston Israeli dance festival. This year's Boston Israeli dance festival took place on Sunday, March 10th. Rikud Albany's junior high school group, T'marim, performed to Imperia, Arnevet and Gumigam.

The dancers approached their performance at the festival with precision, warmth, and enthusiasm for the blend of classic and modern choreography. Their successful performance was very well received by the festival audience and will be repeated at the Eagle Point Cultural Festival, the Jewish Federation’s Yom Ha’Atzmaut Program and at the Hebrew Academy Awards dinner.

For more information about youth Israeli dance with Rikud Albany, please contact Rachael Schertzer or visit for more info!