KadeshRight hand holding imaginary kiddush cup, with the left hand underneath
UrhatzPretend to wash hands
KarpasLeft hand forms a bowl or a cup; right hand dips into it twice
YachatzTwo hands pretending to split a matzah
MaggidTwo hands opening and closing, with fingers opposed to thumb, as if talking
RachtzahPretend to wash hands
Motzi/MatzahFingers in bunch to mouth as if feeding yourself
MarorSame as above but make a face
KorechPosition hands as if holding a large sandwich and take an imaginary bite
Shulchan OrechHolding fork and knife in ready to eat position
TzafoonHand shading eyes in a “searching” position
BarechHands held out in front together, palms down as if holding a prayerbook
HallelHands raised above head in “Halleluyah” wave
NirtzahArms folded across chest, resting to show completion or satisfaction or head placed on hands as if on a pillow