Temple Israel Congregants,

Last evening, over 85 members of our local community and members of the greater Albany Turkish Muslim community joined together for a prayer service, speaking program, and Iftar dinner. This important event was largely volunteer-led and organized, and I want to thank Rabbi Eligberg, the Temple Israel members, Turkish Cultural Center members, and Jewish Federation team for all of their hard work.

The dinner was an excellent opportunity to learn more about Islam, Ramadan, and the local Turkish community. I was so proud of the leadership Temple Israel showed by quickly agreeing to host this event and working to organize a great program. In addition to the local press coverage, we were joined by elected officials and public servants. This outpouring of support from local leaders was a powerful symbol to both the Jewish and Turkish Muslim community, especially during these difficult times of heightened rhetoric, fear, and ignorance.

This event helped reinforce that Temple Israel is a proud community leader and that our vibrant membership takes advantage of the great programs we organize and run. Having so many people come out on a Tuesday night sent a powerful signal to our local elected officials, the Jewish Federation leadership, our fellow Albany Jewish community members, and our friends in the Muslim community.

I want to thank everyone who was involved in making this year’s Iftar dinner event a success and everyone who truly put Temple Israel’s best foot forward while the spotlight was on our Shul and community.

CBS6 Story: https://cbs6albany.com/news/local/capital-region-religious-leaders-come-together-for-meal-in-albany

– Gary Ginsburg

Temple Israel President