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Virtual Torah – Shemini (4/6/2020)

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Virtual Torah – Vayikra (3/23/2020)

Ahad Ha’am (the founder of cultural Zionism) said: “More than Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews.” One could easily exchange the word Shabbat for Torah.  In these strange days we are living in, one of the many things missing to me is the public reading of Torah.

As a small gesture to keep Torah, listen to Torah, follow Torah and study Torah, I will be recording a portion of each week’s Torah reading and make it available to our congregation. This week’s Parashat Hashavua is Vayikra or Leviticus when we begin the 3rd book of the Torah. I strongly wish and hope that before we finish this book of the Torah, life will go back to normal.

We are blessed with many talented Torah readers in our midst, and when I mention my plans one of these readers offer to chant the portion for one or more of the weeks ahead. My goal is to do this for as long as we are unable to have services in our magnificent sanctuary, but here and there you might be listening to different congregants chanting.

I hope you enjoy,

Cantor Rogerio Marx