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Here are some helpful Passover resources:

A Jewish Scavenger Hunt 5780

Liberating Your Seder

Pass(on) and Hand (over)

Passover as Improvisational Theatre

The Complete Seder Table

The Haggadah – Our Story

Here is a copy of the Pesach Guide for 5780: Pesah Guide 5780

Price Chopper makes your Seder Easy!
The Price Chopper Kosher Store has prepared food and “Seder food” packages available as well as “Seder plate” packages. Previously, these packages were only available for groups of 6 or more. The community is grateful to Rabbi Bomzer for negotiating a smaller package option due to the unique needs this year. We also appreciate the cooperation of Price Chopper and its staff.
If you need delivery of these meals from Price Chopper, we have volunteers who are eager to help. If you need delivery of your Price Chopper Seder meal please let us know.
Click here for the menu for 6 or more people or here for smaller groups.
If you wish to purchase food or Seder materials for Pesach from Price Chopper but are experiencing financial hardship, you may qualify for Passover Meals (also prepared by Price Chopper) sponsored through Jewish Family Services. Please click here for that. If you do not qualify for this, and need a financial discount for the Price Chopper meals or financial help for Passover in general, please speak with Rabbi Eligberg directly by sending an e-mail to or by calling him.