Advance Registration Deadline is Wednesday, May 8, 2019 by phone: (518) 438-7858, ext. 112 by email: Brotherhood/Men’s Club members $5.00 in advance $10.00 at the door Non-members $10.00 in advance $15.00 at the door All women attend free with RSVP Celebrate the women in your life at a Mother’s Day Brunch at Temple Israel on Sunday, May 12. This event is open to all congregants of Congregation Beth Emeth and Temple Israel. Women attend free with RSVP by May 8.Read More →

Dinner: 6:00 PM Services: 7:00 PM Dessert: 8:00 PM Buckaroo (meat meal): $20 Ranch Hand (veg meal): $18 Buckeye (kids ages 6-12): $10 Tater Tot (kids ages 0-5): Free Join Temple Israel for a taste of Texas at Shabbat Around the World on Friday, June 21. The roundup begins with a down-home BBQ dinner, includes a spirited Kabbalat Shabbat service, and ends with dessert. Lasso your dogies and bring the whole gang to town! RSVP by Friday, June 14 by phone: (518) 438-7858, ext. 117 by email: Registration limited to 120, no late registrations accepted Texas Dry Spice Rubbed Brisket Apple Cider BBQ GrilledRead More →

Pesach is the time when we celebrate our freedom and the exodus of our ancestors from Egyptian bondage. It is time we liberate our own Seder with which we remember our past so we can appreciate what freedom means in our own lives. Too many people find themselves sitting stiffly around the dining room, turning pages in a text that seems lifeless and asking only one question, “When do we eat?” the experience is extremely unsatisfying. Let me suggest some alternatives for your consideration. First, and perhaps most important, you need to think about who will be at your Seder table. Will there be childrenRead More →

KadeshRight hand holding imaginary kiddush cup, with the left hand underneath UrhatzPretend to wash hands KarpasLeft hand forms a bowl or a cup; right hand dips into it twice YachatzTwo hands pretending to split a matzah MaggidTwo hands opening and closing, with fingers opposed to thumb, as if talking RachtzahPretend to wash hands Motzi/MatzahFingers in bunch to mouth as if feeding yourself MarorSame as above but make a face KorechPosition hands as if holding a large sandwich and take an imaginary bite Shulchan OrechHolding fork and knife in ready to eat position TzafoonHand shading eyes in a “searching” position BarechHands held out in front together,Read More →