Dear Haverim, When the Torah speaks about the mitzvah of Pesach, the text speaks in very personal terms. Lots of “you” and “your”. The Torah presumes that your celebration of this festival will be remarkable and noteworthy; that it will prompt your children to inquire regarding the pageant that is unfolding before their eyes. Once having captured the curiosity of our children and evoked appropriate questions from them, the Torah bids us to answer by saying, “This is because of what God did for me when we left Egypt.” For the generation who received the mitzvot from God at Sinai, this was an easy andRead More →

Hours for Hadar Gift and Book Shop: Sundays 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Mondays 4:00 – 5:30 PM Thursdays 10:30 AM –12:30 PM Evening hours by appointment, please call the synagogue office, 518-438-7858, ext. 112. Hadar Gift and Book Shop is featuring items by artist Amalia Flaisher from her company, Sand and Water Creations In Glass, located in Nashua, NH. Her work is inspired by nature, particularly the bright warm glow of the sun and deep blues and greens of the sea. Born in Israel, Amalia currently lives with her family in Litchfield, NH. Using her diverse training in graphic design, metalsmithing, photography and silkRead More →

Friday, April 19, at 6:45 – 7:30 AM Adonai passed over the houses of the children of Israel,” (Exodus 12, Verse 12) and spared the first-born male Israelites when the first-born male Egyptians died during the last of the ten plagues. As a reminder of this event, the day before Pesach is observed as a fast day. Jewish law requires that all adults and children who are the first-born child in their family fast from dawn until the first Seder. The Rabbis permitted all first born to be exempt from fasting by participating in a special ceremony, a siy- yum. A Siyyum marks the completionRead More →

The search is to be conducted Thursday, April 18, 2019. The search is conducted as early as possible following sundown. For those who cannot conduct the search at that time, the entire night is available. However, the search must be concluded by sunrise of the following morning. The search is done at night, traditionally using the light of a candle. You may want to consider a small flashlight. Ten (10) pieces of bread, or other chametz products, are placed in different areas of the house, areas in which it would be customary and usual to find chametz during the course of the year (thus excludingRead More →