• Our cemetery is located at 1626 Western Avenue in Guilderland across from Crossgates Mall.
  • Our cemetery is open to visitors on all days between the hours of 8:00 AM and sundown except on the Sabbath and Jewish Holy Days.
  • Temple Israel sells plots to members of the Jewish faith, both congregation members and non-members.
  • Religious services and burial rites are conducted within the framework of the Jewish Conservative movement.
  • Placement of plants, shrubs, trees or artifacts at gravesites is not permitted.  Visitors may leave small stones as per Jewish tradition.
  • A gravestone is required within a year subsequent to a burial. The design of a gravestone is subject to approval by our rabbi and cemetery committee.
  • Further information about our cemetery, plot availability and costs, and monument requirements may be obtained by calling the Temple Israel office at 518-438-7858.

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Note on “Genizat Shemot”

The Cemetery Committee arranges from time to time “Genizat Shemot” ceremonies. The Genizah (literally “hiding place”) is a depository for worn-out or damaged Hebrew books and religious articles. In Medieval times, such Hebrew fragments and papers as were relegated to the Genizah were known as Shemot (names), because their sanctity derives from their containing the names of God. These old and tattered prayer books and religious articles are never thoughtlessly discarded but are buried with the same reverent attention as human dead. Members of the Congregation who have such worn items should present them to the Temple Israel office. The articles will be stored until the Cemetery Committee arranges the ceremonial burial described herein.